Our staffing agency, Staff Depot, has the resources and tools to quickly place people full-time or temp to hire positions. Our goal is to connect companies with job seekers looking for new job opportunities. More than 3 million people are employed by Canadian staffing agencies and businesses each week, according to the Canadian Staffing Association. Surely there’s a reason why more and more people are turning to staffing agencies to find a job. 



Personal support and access to more job opportunities 

You apply to more than one job at a time when you apply to a staffing agency. In lieu of spending hours searching job boards and hiring groups or driving around town looking for help wanted signs, you fill out one application with one company. We interview you to determine how your skills and experience can be best utilized. 

Less time spent searching and applying

Usually, it takes weeks or even months between when an employee leaves and when their replacement begins. During this time, your remaining team members will be trying to pick up the slack, resulting in less productivity and more stress. Recruitment agencies can dramatically reduce the time between employees leaving and new ones joining. The hiring process is handled solely by recruiting agencies. They have a pool of talent available to them and focus on hiring, which enables them to fill vacancies much faster than an organization can do it on its own. A temporary staffing agency can also help fill the gap with quality staff.  

Getting hired faster 

The majority of job openings at Staff Depot are available immediately. In other words, you could interview on Monday and get to work the next day onwards. Almost anyone can find a job at a Staff Depot because there are so many positions for them to fill. 

Recruiters Do The Job Search For You

You may feel overwhelmed when you are actually searching for a job. Job seekers must research companies, find open positions, write resumes and cover letters, and submit numerous individual applications. 

We have access to a large database of open positions, which includes positions not advertised or announced on job boards. You might be able to find the right job by having access to these positions. 

Access To Multiple Job Openings At Once

A candidate can fit into the full scope of available positions with our assistance; this is to avoid the difficulty and time involved in looking at each role individually.   

Unlike a job seeker who may concentrate on one position at a time, we as a recruitment agency have many positions to fill at any given time. We can consider a candidate for a wide range of open positions at once, using their expertise to match them with the right job and company. 

Better Matches To Jobs And Companies

An applicant may not always be able to gain insight into a position, as well as the company’s culture, values, and expectations. In order to make the best match between the candidate and the company, we put a lot of effort into understanding both sides of a hiring process. We believe that in order to get the best job, you should put candidates in a position to succeed. 

Try Before Committing To The Job

There are many jobs at Staff Depot that facilitate employment on a temp-to-hire, contract, or temporary basis. Employees can attempt to determine whether or not they are a good fit for a long-term commitment by working for a company for a trial period.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Even when one is doing everything right, a job search is exhausting. Yet without reaching out to friends or peers, you can’t tell if you’re nailing your interview or if your resume needs to be optimized. Staff Depot is available to help candidates prepare resumes and provide feedback during interviews to expedite the hiring process. 

We can attach free resume templates for job-seekers to download: https://www.hiration.com/job-search/free-resume-builder/?gclid=CjwKCAjwmK6IBhBqEiwAocMc8g50ZImWAvJBiOofAfAtG_1ApRMhhe0EH-gvTcUtbko_czcKMv-CYhoCqbkQAvD_BwE 

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