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MYTH 1: They staff contractors only

FACT: There is a good reason that staffing agencies are mostly known for temp or contract jobs. These are critical positions that comprise a substantial portion of the daily business for any staffing firm. However, this doesn’t mean that such roles don’t result in full-time conversions for professionals in said positions. Many contractors are subsequently offered permanent positions, hence the term, “contract-to-hire.”

MYTH 2: We can do the hiring ourselves

FACT: One common stance of employers is, “our company can recruit candidates itself.” Sure – any company can theoretically support its own recruiting efforts, but what many don’t realize is that recruiting requires two crucial elements that many organizations don’t possess in excess: time and specialized skills. Even if you have a dedicated recruitment team at your company’s disposal, it can often be overwhelming to fill different vacancies quickly and efficiently.

MYTH 3: These agencies charge huge commissions

FACT: Every recruitment agency charges commission – it’s how they earn their keep. However, the cost-benefit analysis shows those commissions quickly pay for themselves when recruiting efforts yield the best candidate for a given role, intent on joining your company for the long term.

MYTH 4: It is time-consuming

FACT: Professional agencies have streamlined much of the recruiting process. They have a team of recruiters who sort resumes daily, conduct primary interviews, and manage all necessary vetting and paperwork.

As long as the agency knows what they are doing, they will hand over a list of potential candidates, properly vetted, in short order. While agencies aren’t a magic bullet, they can set you on the fast track to successful recruitment.

MYTH 5: Staffing firms don’t help with employee training

FACT: The success of the clients (employers and job seekers alike) keeps these agencies in the business. Therefore, they work hard to help employees develop skills and certifications necessary to qualify for the job befitting their unique skill set. Further, the most efficient agencies will play the role of an agent, representing the best interests of their professionals and the end client alike.

MYTH 6: They work with entry-level and administrative candidates only

FACT: That might have been true two decades ago, but today’s specialty firms, including IT staffing agencies, actively identify, recruit, and place candidates at every level, including C-suite. A well-rounded firm is capable of placing candidates in all sorts of industries and job tiers without issue.

MYTH 7: Candidates recruited are mostly unsuited

FACT: There is always a chance that a promising job seeker will not be the right cultural fit for your organization. This is a natural effect of the business of dealing with people. Rest assured, agencies only hire skilled, experienced, and talented candidates who fit the employer’s job description.

Staffing companies take seriously their commitment to carefully evaluate a prospective talent pool, perform background checks and interview each candidate before forwarding their resumes to a hiring manager.

MYTH 8: If you like a temporary employee, you can’t hire him or her full time

FACT: Not true! Contract-to-hire is not only allowed but it’s also encouraged. In many organizations, a candidate must complete a defined number of hours before his or her employer will comfortably consent to a full-time hire. A competent staffing agency prides itself on delivering talent that is ultimately converted to full-time equivalent status.

MYTH 9: All staffing agencies are the same

FACT: Absolutely not. Each agency has a strong network that allows it to serve different industries. They may follow different procedures and have different policies in place to search for top candidates.

MYTH 10: Using more than one agency increases the odds of hiring

FACT: Every organization wants to expedite the process of hiring and onboarding an employee. However, enlisting two competing agencies is not an immediate recipe for accelerated success. Both agencies might be looking at resumes of the same employees, for example.

Working with one agency at a time is recommended to increase the odds of finding a good candidate and build a lasting mutual partnership.


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