3 Qualities Staffing Agencies Look For While Hiring Drivers

3 Qualities Staffing Agencies Look For While Hiring Drivers

Truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. But what exactly do firms look for when hiring new drivers? While driving is an important part of this job, it’s not the only skill set employment experts are looking for when hiring new truck drivers.

Here are some valuable skills that staffing agencies look for hiring truck drivers:

  • Reliability And Trust

It cannot be understated how important trucking is in the global supply chain. Given how much the transportation of goods and the economy by extension depend on trucks, trucking fleets only want to hire candidates they can totally rely on. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to hire people you can depend on.

Companies need to trust drivers as they arrive when scheduled, follow the right routes, and make their deliveries in an efficient manner. Managers cannot keep a watchful eye on the drivers. Reliability is one of the best skillsets a driver must have.

  • Mechanical Knowledge

All drivers should know the basic mechanical knowledge of truck operations and maintenance. Drivers must know how to act in emergencies. They must be aware of managing repairs, changing a tire, and reading indicators of vehicles.

Driver recruitment agencies also look for candidates who are fully licensed and experienced in mechanics. However, all truck drivers should have some basic mechanical knowledge of their trucks. Having some mechanical knowledge is helpful in emergency situations so that you don’t have to wait for help. It is significant for commercial drivers to have enough mechanical understanding to be able to observe and analyse if there is a problem.

  • Organization and Time Management

Organization and time management are some of the crucial skill sets to have if you are applying for a driver role. Drivers are accountable for keeping track of the things they deliver. There are lots of important papers that truck drivers have to keep organized. This can include licenses, work permits, inventories, invoices, and more.

Drivers are also responsible for tracking their working hours, keeping receipts of meals and fuels. Drivers also have to keep track of personal information such as hours worked, receipts for meals and fuel, and paperwork for repairs or maintenance on the vehicle.

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