Staffing Agency in Brampton


A rapidly evolving suburban city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Brampton, has the 3rd largest population in the country! What does that mean for your business? In simple words, half of the target audience for your organization can be sourced out of Brampton alone.

Hiring a staffing agency will offer you benefits to ease your business such as:

  • Saves Cost
  • Increases Hiring Speed
  • Access to Specialized Knowledge
  • Access to a wider, better quality talent pool
  • Flexibility
  • Higher chances of getting hired
  • Saves time, effort and money
  • Career mentorship and advice


Successful company owners recognize that their success is due to their greatest assets: products/services and their employees. That’s why it is vital to hire, mentor and retain talented, capable, productive and reliable staff.

Easier said than done, of course. Company owners have businesses to run. The day-to-day urgency of doing that can make the hiring process – which is time-consuming and not always productive – a ‘back burner’ priority.

That’s when a staffing agency might be the solution.

Have a Clear Definition of What Your Business Requirements

When initiating discussions with a potential staffing agency, be as specific as possible about your staffing objectives. And if you have any unique requirements, such as federal or state background checks, share that information.

Based on your needs and hiring objectives, you’ll want to make sure that the agency’s hiring focus aligns with the type of hires that you need.

How Long Has the Staffing Agency Been in Business?

While past results never guarantee of future outcomes, a proven track record of success is a significant measure of a staffing agency. Ask for details about the agency’s establishment, including background on the founders, and its development. While years-in-operation is one good indicator of the agency’s viability, it’s not the only one to consider.

Does the Staffing Agency Have Experience in Your Industry?

When evaluating potential staffing agencies, you must look for a provider who has to experience staffing in your market segment. That eliminates the need to educate the agency on market conditions and challenges as well as your unique business needs.

While it’s no doubt useful, it’s less important that the staffing agency has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of your company’s products or services and much more importantly, the agency possesses in-depth knowledge of your industry category, your company’s position, current marketplace trends, challenges and opportunities.

How Strong-Or Large Is Their Talent Pool Of Candidates?

It’s easy to think that all agencies have the same pool of candidates to draw from but that isn’t the case. The size of the agency, their capacity to handle large numbers of candidates, their marketing, their reputation in the community, the way they treat employees and how they actively source candidates are all significant factors to the size of their talent pool and what kind of candidates they will draw. High-end agencies will draw high-end candidates for all positions.

What Does The Staffing Agency Consider Adequate Longevity?

Not all agencies will see longevity the same and knowing what their goal will be critical to you finding the right match. The agency you choose should be very clear on your expectations and their goal should be to find you the right candidate the first time with as little turnover in the position as possible.

What's Their Temp-to-hire Ratio?

If your goal is to hire a long-term candidate for your payroll to stay and grow with your company, that should be the goal of the agency you select as well. While it is difficult to quantify, agencies should have an approximate idea of how often they are successful in making these long-term placements for their clients. This is a reflection of their ability to screen and coach candidates as well as educate them on the position.


We make sure that our staff is well-versed with the local market and the industry they are working in. We train them with industry-based equipment and at the same time ensure that they are fast learners. Our large talent pool is comprised of a diversified set of individuals who are willing to work smart and hard.

We are extremely service oriented and we are committed to provide you with all the amenities that are expected from a reputed staffing agency and beyond. Accountability is important to us. Hence, we are constantly in touch with our employees and their employers to ensure a smooth service.

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