How to Maintain Realistic Expectations for Temporary Workers

You get what you pay for We live in a candidate-driven job market. The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 2008 and as a result, employees are asking for more competitive wages. If your company wants top candidates, accept that you will have to pay top dollar. Temporary workers are an investment You may only […]

Top 2 Advantages of a Light Industrial Job

While jobs in the light industrial field are often overlooked by job seekers, this type of work offers great benefits! Even if you are pursuing a different field, a light industrial job can be a great solution in the interim. Working in this field will help you gain great experience that is relevant to many […]

4 Scientifically Proven Tips for Beating Procrastination

4 Scientifically Proven Tips for Beating Procrastination 1. Pick Your Poison. The key to beating procrastination is focus. We often give ourselves too many things to do and become overwhelmed. Start by choosing just ONE thing that you’ve been procrastinating and make a commitment to complete that task in the next week. 2. Start today. […]