Questions to Ask Every Candidate: 5 Important Topics

These 5 Questions will help you separate the good candidates from the great ones. You need to be prepared when you sit down with any potential candidate. For each interview, it’s a good idea to make notes, and remember what you as the employer want to learn more about. Each candidate is different, and each […]

Use a Staffing Agency and Reduce Hiring Risks

As a manager, HR professional, or hiring manager, making a mistake in hiring can feel horrible. A staffing agency can help. A bad hire costs a lot of money, wastes valuable time, and can be a blow to your morale. Partnering with a staffing agency can help you eliminate the risks of making hiring mistakes! […]

Time Management 101: Tips for Recruiters

Ever feel like your day just flies by? Reading resumes, posting jobs, interviewing candidates; the 9 – 5 can move quickly for recruiters. While fast days can be a good thing, it can sometimes leave you feeling stressed or worse, overwhelmed. Rescue your time with these tips for recruiters. It’s not impossible to balance daily […]