Complicated Candidate Pool: Overqualified or Ideal?

With unemployment figures still increasing in Ontario, everyone is hiring from a complicated candidate pool. Every job position being posted has an overwhelming number of applicants. There is a large number of applicants who, in the past, would have been considered overqualified for the job. In cities and more dense regions of Ontario, every job […]

Assessment Tools that Help Make Better Hires

When you use strategic assessment tools, you help find the right hire. Having the right assessment tools can make hiring a lot easier—and a lot more successful.  Qualification tests help streamline the talent pool, and offer a peak into the quality of the candidate who wants to join your team. Here is a quick overview […]

Effectively Onboard New Hires for Business Success

How to Onboard Your New Hires Effectively The details of on-boarding new employees looks different for every company. An effective process will make the new hire feel welcome, productive, and motivated to do great work. When it comes to ensuring that new hires are going to be a great fit to your company, the on-boarding […]