Ghosting: It’s Bad in Romance, worse in Recruiting.

Ghosting a candidate after the interview process is harmful both to the candidate, and your employer brand. Have you ever been “ghosted”? That time when a romantic interest just disappears – not returning calls or texts – suddenly cutting off all communication? Ghosting is a cruel and immature way to end a relationship. Young people […]

Questions to Ask Every Candidate: 5 Important Topics

These 5 Questions will help you separate the good candidates from the great ones. You need to be prepared when you sit down with any potential candidate. For each interview, it’s a good idea to make notes, and remember what you as the employer want to learn more about. Each candidate is different, and each […]

Find The Right Talent Every time in 3 Steps

Knowing how to find the right talent every hire takes skill. Looking to hire right now? Sifting through talent in a pool of hundreds isn’t easy. It takes skill and experience to learn exactly who you need. If you’re new to the hiring process, check out these tips to make sure you find the right […]