Temp-to-Hire: Benefits of an initial Short-Term Contract

The notion of “temp-to-hire” might sound a bit confusing. Temporary-to-hire staffing, or “temp-to-hire” is a talent management option that offers unique business benefits. Temp-to-Hire: An Introduction Temp-to-hire employees are brought on for the duration of a predetermined, short-term contract. At the end of the contract, the employer can decide to hire that employee permanently. If […]

Staffing on a Tight Budget? We Have 3 Solutions.

If you’re staffing on a tight budget, you might feel like the most talented of the job market is out of reach. Competitors with more money to spend might be able to entice potential employees with more pay or better benefits. Chances are, they’re able to pay for stellar hiring services. Staffing on a tight […]

3 Ways to Reduce Your Recruiting Costs

When we’re growing our business, the pressure to reduce costs and maximize profits is very real. Absolutely there are many opportunities to trim costs in business, recruiting is often one that receives the worst judgement from leadership. Here’s the good news: You can reduce your recruiting costs and still attract top talent! You don’t have […]