Staffing agency in Mississauga

Finding qualified talent remains challenging for many organizations. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries, all take precious time away from an organization’s existing obligations in the long run. That's why many employers partner with staffing agencies. This takes a lot of the time and effort out of the search for candidates by providing their own workers for open roles.


Rather than trying to do it yourself ‘in-house’, a staffing agency can identify the best candidates for your needs and eliminate candidates who aren’t suitable. Bottom line: a good staffing agency will provide well-vetted individuals who could add great value to your enterprise.
With so many staffing agencies offering their services, how can you be sure that you’re collaborating with the best one?
Here are some suggestions to consider:

Find Out How Does The Staffing Agency Source Their Candidates

Ask about the online tools and platforms that the staffing agency uses – in addition to LinkedIn and Job Boards. Sourcing is the single biggest challenge for any staffing agency. Agencies that are particularly adept at sourcing utilize a variety of tools and platforms. In addition to the obvious, ask what other tools and platforms they use.

What Screening and Background Checks Does the Staffing Agency Perform?

Pre-employment screening services include background verification, drug screening, skills assessment and behavioral assessment tools. A thorough background screen verifies important factual information about a prospective employee (i.e. identity, employment history, education credentials). It also helps gain critical information about an applicant’s character and history that isn’t always apparent in an interview or application. The right agency will be able to conduct pre-employment screening as well as to conduct a background check once a position has been offered.

How Do They Manage Poor Placements?

All agencies will have some turnover in their placements. Find out how that is handled when it happens. Will the agency end the assignment for you or do you have to? Is there someone available to you at all times in the event you need to end an assignment immediately? Depending on the nature of your work, it is important that you can reach someone from the agency at all times.

Will the Agency Pay Visits or Be Reachable at all times?

Selecting a staffing agency is not easy – and a lot depends on your expectations and their ability to meet them. While it’s a professional relationship, don’t overlook the ‘personal’ aspect. You’ll need to trust and rely on the staffing agency to provide you and your business resources for sustained success. Make sure the staffing firm will visit your location to get a feel for your culture, meet employees and get a first-hand understanding of your business. Ensure that they will always stay in loop and will be accountable during and after hire.


We ensure that our staff is well-trained and well-adjusted with technology. Our main priority is to ensure that they have a good knowledge when it comes to local market and industry-based equipment. Today, the world is digitally connected across the globe. We have a strong social media presence to keep ourselves updated as well as hire talented people across the GTA. Most importantly, we believe in a service-oriented approach. We are always reachable to our employees and employers at all times, during and after hire.
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