The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Workforce Solutions

The practice of outsourcing has become quite popular for all kinds of companies, small and large. Not everything can, or should, be outsourced. In fact, frivolous outsourcing can create problems, but when done strategically, the practice can help your company meet or exceed goals. From saving money, to staying focused, there are several smart reasons […]

Why is Work-Life Balance so Tough Sometimes?

“Work-Life Balance” is one of those phrases that most workers think about every day and have as a primary goal in their life, even if they don’t call it by name. It’s also vague because it means something different to each person. What is Work-Life Balance? At it’s core, work-life balance is a spin-off of […]

5 Ways to Creating a Safe & Productive Work Environment

No matter the size of your company, workplace safety is extremely important. A safe environment promotes peace of mind, and also productivity. While it might take some time and extra effort to set up safety policies, guidelines, and protocols, it will go a long way in fostering a positive work environment for your employees. Be […]

How to intentionally build break times into your workday

How to intentionally build break times into your workday When you feel like you can’t catch a break, you need to give yourself one. And you need to give yourself a lot more than one each day in order to thrive. Here are five types of breaks that you can intentionally schedule into your life […]

What Makes Star Employees Stay?

What Makes Star Employees Stay? Today we address a question that is a key issue in the corporate world: “What can you do to retain your star employees?” We’re talking about those diligent ones who perform even amid changing circumstances, the ones who are passionate and persevering, the ones whom others love and are proud of working […]

How to Eat a Healthy Work Lunch for Less Money

Whether you’ve made a resolution to eat better this year or are trying to save money, healthy work lunches are always a challenge. Here’s how to make healthy work lunches on a budget. Plan Ahead It’s tempting to try to pack your lunches each night, but the reality is that after a busy day, most […]

How to Make More Time for Deep Work

How to Make More Time for Deep Work Accomplishing your goals requires a dedicated focus on the projects that matter-and minimizing those that don’t. Here’s how to prep your brain for the task The brain is not set up to work on more than one thing at a time. According to “The Myth of Multitasking,” […]

How to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile

A vast number of people – 300 million to be exact – have set up LinkedIn profiles to showcase their expertise and connect with like-minded professionals and perspective customers. But how many of those 300 million have really spent the time creating a comprehensive profile?  It’s not uncommon to receive a request to connect from […]

6 Ways to Become a Company People Want to Work For

6 Ways to Become a Company People Want to Work For Every business wants their company to be known as a top workplace and desired company to work for. But how can you create that reputation?  Companies that won workplace awards for the desired companies to work for,  demonstrate greater focus and commitment to their culture, and they also […]

Keep Your Workforce Happy With Easy-to-Implement Policies

Keeping workers happy and having high morale can be a major stress for any boss. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be all that hard or expensive to increase smiles around the workplace. Showing appreciation and respect to your workforce doesn’t have to be reflective in the paycheck (always) and is relatively easy to implement. Easy […]