Most Staffing Agencies Suck At Recruiting Accounting Professionals

Most Staffing Agencies Suck At Recruiting Accounting Professionals

There is a good chance that you won’t be following “plan A” if you’re considering using an accounting staffing company or any recruitment agency that promises to find you qualified accounting talent. The current state of the finance talent market has been extensively discussed, as have the best ways to work within it.

You might be up against a poor recruitment process at a staffing agency

There are numerous reasons to move the hiring process outside of your organization, such as quickly filling talent gaps with qualified individuals. Because there are so many ways to get the job done, you’ve decided to let a staffing firm act as a go-between for you and your potential new hires.

Hiring has most definitely not been exempt from the recent rush to automate almost every aspect of almost every process. There are many things to dislike, from extremely shady practices like recruitment spamming to gathering data from websites where financial analysts gather online and then sifting through the digital breadcrumbs that point back to specific people’s LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

If you’ve ever recruited for a job, even a temporary one, you know that there are a few crucial steps that will help you find the right candidate and raise the likelihood that the new hire will “stick the landing” once they arrive at your door. These actions could be as simple as:

  • Matching a person’s skill set to the requirements of a role
  • Ensuring that your payroll cost budget and the salary expectations of job seekers are compatible
  • Ensuring that your brand and team culture are reflected in the employee experience
  • Confirming that a prospective hire is available to work when needed
  • Effective onboarding and support systems increase the likelihood that employees will stay with the company

Employees from an accounting staffing firm might not meet your company’s standards.

For instance, a lot of staffing companies will cover the expense of benefits, which are typically labeling their own talent as contract burden.” In either case, those new hires will have a different title than your existing team when they join your company.

Being at work every day with people who receive privileges and titles you are not entitled to can be demoralizing. Utilizing an accounting staffing firm doesn’t always have to result in animosity between new hires and your own full-time employees because there may already be sufficient employee satisfaction initiatives in place at the company itself. There are frequently none.

How  you can Improve your recruitments

  • Provide Extra Perks

Long hours are frequently required in accounting and finance positions, which can cause burnout very quickly. According to a recent survey, the vast majority of accountants leave public accounting in search of a higher quality of life, with higher salaries coming in as the second most common reason.

Therefore, businesses should think about providing competitive benefits and pay in order to attract and keep top talent. This can include providing employees with paid parental leave, allowing them to work from home, having flexible work hours, and making the office fun by having ping pong or foosball tables available.

  • Reconsider your hiring procedure

Some small accounting firms hold the opinion that finding top talent is the most difficult aspect of hiring, and that everything else will work out just fine. Small accounting firms frequently encounter other issues when hiring new employees besides finding top candidates. To put it another way, you must take into account everything that occurs between receiving a candidate’s resume and distributing the formal offer letter.

Do you, for example, take too long to choose your top candidate? The best candidates are only off the market lasted for approximately 10 days, according to Office Vibe, so consider your new hires like perishable products and take advantage of them while they’re still available (before someone else does).

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