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How to Attract Quality Hires During Skill Resource Shortages?


Skills shortages are affecting business, as it has a negative effect on areas like productivity, staff turnover, and employee satisfaction. The combination of high demand and lack of available candidates recommends that employers should be proactive about retaining their workforce.

Here are some of the tips to evolve your hiring methods that are needed to attract and retain the suitable and best-skilled candidates:

  1. Provide Competitive Salary:
    Money is the most important factor when selecting a job. A decent salary makes employees feel appreciated and encourages them to perform better. If you wish to stand out from the other companies, you must offer a reasonable package to your candidates.
  1. Flexible and Balanced Working Hours:
    An important aspect of being a good or strong third-party recruiter is understanding the needs of the hiring manager as well as the real job needs. This is something corporate recruiters might be able to do, but rarely get the chance. Consequently, too many corporate recruiters focus on skills, experience, and compensation as filters for candidate selection, eliminating high potential and diverse candidates. 
  1. Give Quality Benefits and Extra Bonus:
    Candidates are always looking for extra bonus points along with their salary. Whether you’re looking to hire new staff or retain existing employees, it is significant that you offer a competitive wage and benefits, such as paid vacation, paid sick leave, healthcare support, employee perks, etc.
  1. Offering Training and Certification:
    One solution to a lack of skilled candidates is to educate them. Offer existing workers and new ones to support them in training and certification once they join the company. It benefits the candidates by having long-term career opportunities and employers by promoting growth resources to the existing employees. Job seekers are more likely to commit to choosing the company if they feel supported
  1. Maintain a Healthy Company Culture:
    Jobseeker looks for a suitable environment for them in any company. The company’s ethic and culture play a vital role. Job seekers expect a workplace where they are respected and follow quality working conditions. If your company culture indicates this, you’ll definitely attract quality candidates.

Adopting these points is enough to overcome the growth of the skills shortage. We suggest that these points should be combined and used in similarity to developing a strong and effective strategy for hiring. Are you looking to hire quality workers? Staff Depot is one of the top staffing agencies in the GTA. Contact us now for recruitment assistance!


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