Companies can benefit greatly from the help of staffing firms in finding talent. Any external search company earning a fee from placements with a company is considered a staffing firm. Included are staffing agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), contingency and retained executive search firms, as well as their hybrids. 

  1. They attract the best people to work with them

In order to keep on top of opportunities at various companies, top passive candidates, including those with three or more years of experience, engage the best third-party recruiters. Corporate recruiters, who represent only one company, do not have this advantage. 

  1. Your hiring is based on real job needs, so you’ll get people who can start working right away

An important aspect of being a good or strong third-party recruiter is understanding the needs of the hiring manager as well as the real job needs. This is something corporate recruiters might be able to do, but rarely get the chance. Consequently, too many corporate recruiters focus on skills, experience, and compensation as filters for candidate selection, eliminating high potential and diverse candidates. 

  1. A good staffing firm will provide a longer guarantee period 

External recruiters who are unwilling to offer a guarantee of six months or one year are questionable in providing stronger candidates. In addition, if the firm is allowed and knows exactly what it is doing, this type of guarantee shouldn’t be a problem either for contingency or retained search firms. 

  1. Since external recruiters are more consultative rather than transactional in their approach, their candidates take the job for the right reasons

A good external recruiter helps passive candidates understand the long-term career opportunities that come with a new job offer. While this might take more time for the recruiter, it assures that a successful hire will be made since the offer is accepted based on the job needs and the growth potential, not just the size of the compensation package. 

  1. As they have fewer assignments, they can concentrate on developing their search skills. Consequently, you’ll find and hire stronger employees

When you are dealing with passive candidates, your recruiting skills must be exceptional. A recruiter must excel in this regard to be successful with a staffing firm. Despite corporate recruiters’ similar abilities, they don’t have the time to invest in passive candidate recruitment due to their heavy workloads. 

  1. The focus of an external recruiter is on placements, not activities. Thus, you needn’t interview as many candidates to get a top candidate

If a person’s compensation is based on their performance, some recruiters try as many candidates as possible in hopes that one sticks. Beware of these recruiters. In order to hire one candidate, external recruiters only present three or four candidates that are high in quality and handle the process from start to finish. 

  1. The company has deep networks to find talent quickly

To be an effective recruiter, you must be able to develop a deep network of passive candidates. It allows them to find top talent faster and gives them a sourcing advantage. 

  1. Passive candidates can be sourced more easily

It takes more time to convince someone who isn’t looking for an opportunity than to recruit someone who is eager to leave. It is most common for corporate recruiters to source active candidates of the latter type. External recruiters should spend 80-90% of their time networking and recruiting passive candidates. 

  1. Hiring managers regard them as credible

Working closely with the same hiring manager is a must for the best third-party recruiters. Corporate recruiters need to work with a variety of different hiring managers, so this creates a trust factor that is difficult to replicate. Talent leaders rarely allow their external firms to work directly with hiring managers, thereby losing out on the opportunity to leverage this important relationship. 

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