5 Worst Resume Mistakes To Avoid According To A Staffing Agency

5 Worst Resume Mistakes To Avoid According To A Staffing Agency

We gain knowledge from our mistakes. But a resume error? It must be avoided at all costs. There is a lot of competition out there, and since hiring managers and recruiters don’t have much time, they start by looking for a quick reason to cut the number of candidates. Thus, the slightest error might lead to the exclusion of candidates when there is only one job available and numerous resumes.

The following list contains simple resume blunders. The good news is that you will stand out among other applicants who didn’t take the time to get it perfect once you know what to avoid.

Read over this list before submitting your resume for your dream job to be sure it doesn’t contain any of these fatal faults.

  • Inadequate Contact Information

You might not believe it, but recruiters say it occurs more often than you might think. You can read the main body of your resume several times because it is the most significant part. However, don’t leave out minor details, such as your phone number and email address. Furthermore, ensure that your email address is professional, with only your name, initials, and numbers.

  • Unsuitable for Automated Tracking System (ATS)

If your resume is routed through an ATS before reaching a recruiter, you must pay close attention to where you place your content. Create your resume without a header. Only the main body may be read by the ATS. Use simple formats, columns, images, and charts for the same reason. They perplex automated systems. Use standard resume language to clearly label your sections.

It is also essential to submit your resume as a pdf file, which conserves the design of your resume. Sending your resume as a Word document can reason formatting issues when a recruiter opens the file on their computer.

  • Humour Is A Good Gamble

Adding humour is a risky proposition in your resume. It can make your resume stand out for good or bad, depending on how you use it. You must maintain a professional demeanour. What you find amusing may be offensive, tone-deaf, or in poor taste to others. If the recruiting note or job description is humorous, include a humorous touch in your cover letter. Just make sure it’s harmless and funny, and keep it to one line. Keep your resume as a place to highlight your knowledges and skills.

  • Your Resume Is Either Too Long Or Short

Since resumes are typically limited to one or two pages, having one that is either too short or too long can have an undesirable impact on how a potential employer perceives you. If you have a lengthy work history, you may format your resume in two pages or less; however, if you are a recent graduate or have limited professional experience, it may be more effective to keep your resume to one page.

  • Irrelevant Skillset

Listing skills that are immaterial to the job, similar to listing unrelated work experience, may result in a hiring manager overlooking your application. You can avoid this blunder by mentioning skills that are directly applicable to the job role. For example, if you have computer skills that can be applied to a data entry job, you should emphasize that in your resume. In contrast, if you have customer service skills are applying for a position as a production worker where customer contact is not required, you may want to leave those skills off your resume.

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