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Empowering Diversity in the Workplace

It’s easy to have a page on your company website devoted to diversity and inclusion initiatives, but what good are these without commitment from your employees?

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Workforce Planning with Smarts

You may be thinking, “strategic workforce planning?!” Rest assured, you’re not the only one confused by what some people refer to as headcount planning. But it’s much more than that!

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Avoid the Flu in your Workplace

With the cold and flu season normally running from November to April, now is the time for employers to prepare their staff members and minimize the risk to their health.

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Seasonal Staffing is a Year-Round Concern

In the middle of all the tension, excitement and hard work of the holiday season, the last thing you want to be worried about is not having enough personnel to pull all of it off.

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The 3 Points you Need in a Good Rejection Letter

Sending a rejection letter to job seekers who were not chosen for the position is an extra, yet constructive step your business can take to create goodwill with applicants and foster an overall positive reputation.

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The Job Search when Already Employed

Trying to find a job when you’re looking for a career change can be hard to tackle. When you partner with a recruiter for the job search, it’s easy.

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Healthy Work Lunches for any Budget

Lunches during the week, don’t have to be fast and dirty. A healthy, budget-friendly lunch is not out of reach and has so many benefits – you can’t say no!

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How to Keep Your Best Team Members

You’ve hired strong team members. Now it’s time to make sure you do everything you can to retain them. Employee retention is important to staying

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Being Friends With Your Employees

When you work with a team closely, colleagues turn into friends fast. In the office, there has to be balance between friendly connections and clearly

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