7 keys to eating healthy on the road

One of the biggest challenges truckers face as they traverse the nation’s highways and byways is that they simply don’t always have the best options for eating healthy. Between being constantly pressed for time, not being able to prepare their own meals and figuring out which truck stop restaurant they’ll patronize, it can be tempting to cave in and indulge

The following advice could help you find a healthier diet without adding to your frustration – and keep your hunger satisfied.

1) Plan as much as you can in advance

Among the easiest ways to eat healthier is to plan your meals, hit the grocery store to buy everything you need and then prepare your food before you hit the road. You may be able to make a week’s worth of meals in just a couple of hours, and you’ll ensure you have plenty of healthy choices in your mini-fridge.

2) Stock up on healthy stuff you like

Along similar lines, it’s also important to have snack foods that won’t pack on the pounds but which you actually enjoy eating. If you’re a fan of apples, bring a bag along. If you like nuts or granola (maybe with a few M&M’s mixed in) you can feel good about bringing along a pouch. Anything to help you avoid overly salty, processed snacks is a good choice.

3) Eat smaller meals and snack healthy in between

A common mistake when it comes time to eat lunch or dinner is going all out overindulging. This isn’t a good idea, because it makes your body work overtime to process everything. Instead, it’s better to eat smaller meals and have small amounts of healthy snack whenever hunger arises.

4) Start your day with simple stuff

While it can certainly be tempting to wake up and have a filling breakfast of pancakes, sugary cereals and so on, it’s generally wiser to have a healthy fruit (such as bananas) and some granola. That way, you’ll fuel yourself for the day without feeling overloaded later.

5) Choose wisely at restaurants

Even if you pack all your meals and snack carefully, sometimes you just want a fast-food burger; that won’t necessarily derail your efforts to eat smarter. However, that does mean you need to be more judicious about what you pick. This can be done by portion control, selecting a small fry instead of a large, choosing a grilled chicken sandwich over fried, or getting the burger without mayo.

6) Hydrate with water

Beverages like soda, coffee loaded with sugar or energy drinks are not a trucker’s friend. Instead, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and if you need to mix it up, an unsweetened iced tea or seltzer can be a fun alternative.

7) Do some research

Finally, you might have a number of favourite foods you think are healthy but actually aren’t all that good for you. Before you choose any foods to take on the road, look them up to see if experts recommend them as part of a healthy diet.

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