“Work-Life Balance” is one of those phrases that most workers think about every day and have as a primary goal in their life, even if they don’t call it by name. It’s also vague because it means something different to each person.

What is Work-Life Balance?

At it’s core, work-life balance is a spin-off of the concept “having it all.” This balance is about having a great job and a great life outside of the job. It’s being able to succeed professionally yet still have meaningful and fun relationships with friends and family outside of work. Since that’s the most basic idea of work-life balance, why is it hard to achieve?

Why is Work-Life Balance Hard to Attain?

First, it’s a balancing act, as implied by the name. The more variables that come into play, the harder it is to achieve this balance. Since each day brings a relatively new set of opportunities (or variables, but let’s be positive) you are in a constant stage of managing those opportunities – accepting some while ignoring others.

How to Develop Work-Life Balance:

Make Goals & Deliberate Choices

The first step to achieving work-life balance is to make goals about how you want to live your life. These goals should include factors like finances, lifestyles, and family. Each choice you make on a daily basis should then support those goals.

Communicate to Your Support System

You should have people to talk to in the work environment and outside the office who can help you achieve your goals. In the example above, you would be able to compromise with your boss and with your friend. Meeting your friend a little later, maybe at a different location, could allow you time to work extra. This helps your team, earns you more money, but still gives you time to be social and keep commitments.

Prioritize What’s Important to You

Set appointments and block off time for your priorities. Everyone is given the same amount of time each day. How you use your time directly is linked to work-life balance.

Create Boundaries Around Your Success

To create balance, you will sometimes work later hours, or pick up an extra project, depending on what else is going on in your life outside of work. Other times, you will turn down opportunities to make more money. It all depends on how it affects your balance and how it helps you reach those life goals you have set.

Limit Distractions

When you try to create a work-life balance, you’ll find you’re more successful when you limit distractions, especially browsing on social media. It’s one thing to unwind and recharge – that can be very beneficial in achieving your work-life balance. The idle, unproductive distractions, however, take away from reaching your goals.

Achieve Work-Life Balance & Workplace Goals

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