Good news! You’ve received a call back after filling out the online application. You could be well on your way to your next job opportunity! Here are 10 important tips to keep in mind when having a telephone interview with a Staffing Specialist.

Top 10 Tips for Telephone Interviews

  1. Use a land-line phone, if you have one: To ensure you have a good connection and can clearly hear the caller.
  2. Make sure you are somewhere quiet: Choose a quiet location where you will not have interruptions or commotion, so you can concentrate on the interview and give your best answers. 
  3. Do not drive while on a telephone interview: Your safety is important to us.  Schedule a time where you can take the call in a safe place where you are not distracted.
  4. If on a cell phone, make sure it is charged: Don’t miss out on a potential job opportunity because your phone died and you cannot be contacted. Charge up your cell phone so you can put your energy into the interview
  5. Be prepared and write down any questions: Do your homework before the interview. Have a few questions in mind to ask during the interview.
  6. Call on time/answer when they call: Make a good first impression by being timely and courteous.
  7. Speak professionally and clearly: Answer the call with a warm greeting and clearly state your name.
    How to answer a call for a phone interview:“Good Afternoon, this is Jane speaking. How may I help you?”  This greeting makes a positive and polite impression. This will set the tone for your phone interview and your potential face-to-face interview. How to NOT answer a call for a phone interview: “Who is this?” – Identify yourself first and make the caller feel welcome to speak with you.  If the caller has not identified themselves, simply say, “May I ask who is calling?” -or- “Hey, what’s up?” – Although we tend to be more casual when speaking with friends or family on the phone, keep in mind that this is a professional interview and an initial introduction to a potential employer, so you want to showcase how you will act professionally while on the job.
  8. Have a smile: When having a smile on your face while speaking during a telephone interview, your enthusiasm and upbeat sound will come through on the call and show your interest in the job opportunity. Not sure? Practice it with a friend and notice the difference.
  9. Ask about next steps: In addition to the questions you have prepared, be sure to ask the interviewer what to expect for next steps. Will they be following up with you? Will you be doing a face-to-face interview? Take note of next steps to follow through and follow up with the interview process.
  10. End on a high note: Conclude your telephone interview by thanking the person for their time and that you are looking forward to speaking soon.

With these top 10 interview tips, you will make a positive impact on all your telephone interviews! And you could be hearing, “you’re hired!” soon enough. How does that sound for your career?

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