Keeping workers happy and having high morale can be a major stress for any boss. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be all that hard or expensive to increase smiles around the workplace. Showing appreciation and respect to your workforce doesn’t have to be reflective in the paycheck (always) and is relatively easy to implement.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Workforce Happy

Award Dinners & Celebrations

Whether you do it annually, monthly or quarterly, holding an award dinner or celebration is a great way to show appreciation for your team. These can start out small and just within the company. Eventually, you could grow it to be a bigger affair with clients or partnering companies, if you wanted.

With these dinners, be sure that everything is taken care of by the company. The workers should not have to chip in for the celebration. This is about celebrating their hard work and rewarding them with a fun, stress-free night. You can make real awards, or just highlight projects and jobs well done throughout the evening.

Provide the Opportunities to Learn More

Your workers want to continue to learn and evolve with the industry. Consider hosting a seminar or offering a discount on a course for your employees to attend. This should be open to full-time, part-time and temporary workers alike. By opening up the opportunity to further their knowledge base, you are showing your workers how much you value them. Plus, you are increasing their value to you and also the likelihood they will want to stay with you.

Company Happy Hour

A company or team happy hour can be much more casual. Inviting the team out for a couple friendly drinks is a way to boost mood and create casual friendships. Each employee pays for their own drink and it’s not a formal event. Consider having a happy hour at a restaurant that has other beverages and food so workers could comfortably eat or drink non-alcoholic beverages without feeling awkward or left out.

Give Back to the Community

Holding a public service day is a great way to bond with your workforce. Coming together as one team to help a charity or cause will actually boost everyone’s mood, morale and even motivation. It’s a change of pace, a new challenge, and when you get back to the regular tasks or projects, you’ll see a difference in your workers and their energy levels.

Build a Happy Team

To learn more about how to add these strategies to your workforce and implement other management best practices, contact us at Staff Depot today!

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