Job interviews can be a stressful time in the job searching process, but with each one, you get better. One area you want to nail the very first time is your dress code. Whether you like the idea or not, the truth is that your first impression, including your attire, matters. Here are some tips for dressing for an interview.

Count on Business Casual

More often than not, your best bet is to go with the business casual style. Now, this can be quite broad, so if you aren’t sure if your outfit is too casual, take it up a notch. It’s better to be a tad overdressed than underdressed.

What is Business Casual?

For Men

Generally speaking, business casual for men means wearing a pair of smart pants (usually jeans and khakis do not fall into this category), a collared shirt, a sweater or blazer, and relaxed but elegant shoes.

A tie is generally not needed for business casual, however if you are in doubt, wear one – especially for the interview.

For Women

Business casual for women can be a bit tricky, but dress pants or a skirt to your knees, a collared blouse, sweater or blazer, and relaxed but elegant shoes works. Very similar to men’s guidelines, the key is to look professional – not like you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Don’t Forget the Details

Make sure you don’t forget to prepare your clothes for the interview by making sure you iron or steam out any wrinkles. If you haven’t worn some of your business casual clothes in a while, be sure they fit well. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the care of your clothes, you can always get them dry cleaned. You can write off the expense of dry cleaning in your taxes since it is related to finding a job.

A Polished Look Goes Great with Preparation

Now that you know what to wear, be sure you are prepared for the interview. For more interview tips or to help land the dream interview, visit the We have resources available to help you through the hiring process.

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