Build Rapport with Your Employees in 4 Easy Steps

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Building rapport should be something you put effort toward every day. The good news is building rapport is quite simple and should become natural to your daily operations. You can do it immediately after you finish reading this post! Here’s how to do it: 

1. Talk about non-work related interests. 

Spend 2-3 minutes each day chatting with employees about things that interest or excite them, like hobbies. Rather than wasting that time with small talk – like weather and traffic – get to know your employees a little bit each day. You’ll build relationships and your employees will feel like more than “just an employee.” 

2. Give feedback and praise. 

It’s important to give praise, recognition, or feedback on a regular basis, not only during employee reviews. It doesn’t have to be a formal meeting. Just take the time to tell an employee they’re doing great work or that you appreciate their extra efforts during tight deadlines. 

3. Be available to your employees. 

Encourage the open door policy and welcome questions and concerns from your employees whenever they have them. You will find that these impromptu questions or conversations will give you the opportunity to further coach your workers and help them excel. 

4. Say “Hello” and “Goodbye.” 

This is the simplest way to build rapport with your team. When you start the day, make some quick rounds and say hello to your employees. It’s not about letting them know you’re there, but rather being respectful and wishing them a good day. When you leave, saying goodbye is a gesture showing you care. And it hardly takes any time at all. 

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