Companies hire temporary workers for a variety of reasons, from seasonal needs to project demands. While it may seem straight-forward that temporary workers help your company on an as-needed basis, there are ways that you can utilize your temporary workforce more effectively.

3 Ways to Manage Temporary Workers More Effectively

By following this advice on utilizing temporary workers, you can expect less misunderstandings, less headaches, and a more productive workforce.

1) Provide Staffing Agency with Job Descriptions

Some companies simply give a staffing agency the number of workers they need, and when they need them by. While this is certainly allowed, you can expect much better results if you give a detailed job description to your staffing agency so they can find you a qualified match to fit your exact needs. Include things like educational or training requirements, skills needed, or anything else specific to your company or project needs.

2) Give Adequate Training for All Workers

Often times, companies make the mistake of neglecting to train temporary workers, then wonder why they’re not performing up to standards. You can work with your staffing agency as well to make sure that your temporary workers are well trained for the jobs and tasks they are to complete while working for your company.

3) Communicate a Clear Schedule to Agency & Temp Workers

When you are putting in requests for temporary workers, you should provide the staffing agency with a clear schedule for their day-to-day work, as well as a timeline for their contract. This is connected to the previous points, making sure that your partnering staffing agency can give you the best candidates who can meet your needs, and also making the temporary workers aware of your expectations.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

To find the best temporary workers to fit your needs, partner with the pros and contact Staff Depot today!

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