The quality of life with your team is the difference between a success and a flop.

Want to see increased productivity from the team? Improve their quality of life at work!

Research has proven a substantial difference in performance between happy employees and dissatisfied ones.

One study reports that employees with a higher quality of life in and out of work:

  • Take 66 percent less sick leave
  • Spend 80 percent of their time on the job at work-related tasks (compared to 40 percent for unhappy employees)
  • Have 180 percent more energy than the least satisfied employees in the workplace

As an employer, there are several things that can be done to increase the quality of life for your employees.

It won’t cost anything but a little time, effort, and thought.

Take the Micro out of Managing

Today’s workforce is filled with talented self-starters who perform better with freedom.

No one can relax with a boss looking over their shoulder. Many employees, particularly Millennials, are more comfortable with freedom and space to generate new ideas and innovation.

Ease back on the management leash, and watch the team blossom into exceptional and productive problem-solvers.

Quality of Life Starts with Recognition

Goal setting is a great way to encourage motivation and enthusiasm. With a frequent key performance indicators (KPI), your team will have something to work for. Their natural creative instincts will drive them to reach success.

It’s a great idea to offer rewards to employees who meet their goals or targets. This doesn’t have to be big.

Incentivize great work by offering an extended lunch or a half-day off, and your employees will work even harder to attain those benchmarks.
Sometimes small rewards are the most appreciated.

Include Your Team in the Company

The best way to improve the quality of life, is to include the team in what’s happening with their company.

To encourage this sense of belonging, challenge your team to investigate and solve some of the problems. Ask them to take on new tasks that may not fall within their regular job functions.

Including extra challenges fairly, gives the team a chance to shine.

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