Giving back as a company can help your image, and your team, be better.

Giving back to your team, company, or community builds trust. It also makes your team feel better about the work they’re doing.

Social awareness should be more than just a social media campaign. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) provides vital support to the economy’s non-profit sector. When a company gives back, these foundations are able to do more good for the world.

Clearly, giving back helps your community profile. As a result, you may attract new clients from unexpected places.

For management and their teams, paying it forward in the workplace does more to enhance employee performance and engagement. In 2020 more job seekers are concerned with the social impact a company has. If the brand is ecological, or offers equal pay, it’s important to the new generation that they do more than just work.

Understand the Value in Giving Back

Teams who give their time and money through charitable acts do two things:

  • They perform more effectively.
  • They identify more strongly with the company’s overall vision.

One recent study showed a 13 percent jump in productivity among teams whose employers consulted and included them in their company’s CSR. And companies could see a 15 percent increase in productivity if they offer charitable gifts as employee rewards.

Experts advise that volunteering time for a cause is equally valuable. It provides teams with great leadership opportunities, and more teamwork and mentorship opportunities.

If you’re worried that the drain on employees’ time will lead to business loss, don’t!

A correlation exists between high productivity, higher profits and giving back. The best of all: donating time and money to non-profit causes has also proven to increase recruitment and retention!

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