Giving back is more than just a photo op.

Giving back to your community, helps your company do and be better.

Successful workplace giving programs adopt an approach to fundraising that motivates more of the team to get on board.

Whether a Fortune 500 company or a startup, there are many ways of giving back that suits your company’s vision and budget.

1. Giving Back Starts with HR

The HR team can help you launch a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. HR either already knows what your employees care about.

If you let the HR team know you count on them, you’ll have a great starting point to work from.

2. Local Teams Giving Back Locally.

Local managers are members of their communities and already more knowledgable about what’s happening.

They also are more accessible and less intimidating to teams on the front lines of volunteering.

Trust managers to lead and this will boost their level of engagement, and boost performance as well.

3. Leverage Social to be Socially Responsible

Work with the marketing managers to build a CSR campaign. Take it a step further and have HR launch an action contest among the team.

In a heavily visual world, giving back is also a way to engage other markets. Team members can have followers from 500 to 500k. Working with your company to share and encourage giving back, leaves a global mark on the brand.

4. Let the Team direct What’s Important

A company has a mission, but it’s the team that makes it happen.

Giving back should be a daily thing. Every day a team works towards doing good, the better it will be. This provides employees with more opportunities to interact with management, contribute ideas, and reconnect with the vision for the company.

5. Embrace differences.

Long-term employees may prefer to donate their money over their time and labor. But the younger, newer employees are often more open to donating time for special causes.

This has to be more than a photo opportunity. Giving back has to truly mean something from the people doing it. Millennials have a unique passion for social concerns.

Be sure to publicly praise everyone who helps in any way.

6. Offer Matching Gift Programs.

Many major companies offer this. It allows for a greater incentive for employees to help.
Especially when it’s a cause that’s important to them.

7. Make giving back a part of Company Identity.

Take the example of digital marketer WebpageFX which turns to the web to promote workplace giving. This becomes an integral part of the company’s overall brand.

Each employee’s individual goals, and accomplishments leads to a donation. This works towards the larger goal: to build a school in Ghana.

8. Make it a Friendly Competition.

The Nerdery, for example, offers free services through its popular overnight website challenges.

In real time, these Nerdery challenges unite competing webpage design firms to donate their expertise to non-profits in need.
So far the Nerdery and its competitors have donated more than $5 million in pro bono services.

9. Giving Back with Expertise.

Often, companies volunteer their time and expertise instead of sending money.

Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Target, IBM, and Deloitte are a few that exercise this option. In tighter times, it’s a good way to stay within your comfort zone.

Plus, when employees volunteer time on a project together, they often enjoy a heightened sense of teamwork and morale, which they will likely bring back to the office.

10. Giving Back with Products.

Organizations like Good360 are specifically designed to match givers with those in need.

There’s a lengthy roster of do-gooders that includes Gap, Home Depot, Costco, Mattel, Crayola, and many more.

11. Challenge the Community.

Everyone can get behind fundraising for research to help cure deadly diseases.

The ALS Association raised millions through its ice bucket challenge. The challenge between the Caterpillar CEO and its leading distributor Empire CAT was inexpensive to launch, easy to promote, fun to watch, and rallied more troops to the cause.

12. Reward the Team.

Excite your employees to make donations by giving them a something that means something for their service.

Giving back should be rewarded. It’s not expected, but when a team member goes above and beyond to lead an initiative, they deserve it.

13. Leverage Crowdsourcing Platforms.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, check out crowd-sourcing platforms such as Givelocity, Razoo, StartSome-Good, Crowd-Rise and Push-Pay.

These platforms are where great ideas are found. It also boosts community participation for a bigger donation.

Remember that every time you launch a fundraiser or matching fund drive, it’s a chance to build relationships with the team.

Praise the efforts, and discover what they care about. It’s also a way to heighten their engagement and productivity.

Giving back involves some sacrifice, but here’s the take away: companies with motivated, engaged employees earn 2.5 times more revenues than those without.

Giving back helps to attract and retain the best employees.

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