A complicated candidate pool can be what you need

With unemployment figures still increasing in Ontario, everyone is hiring from a complicated candidate pool.

Every job position being posted has an overwhelming number of applicants. There is a large number of applicants who, in the past, would have been considered overqualified for the job.

In cities and more dense regions of Ontario, every job seeker is being encouraged to apply for everything. Transferable skills are being loosely defined, yet rarely considered.

Hiring From a Complicated Candidate Pool

Here are a few important points to consider as you evaluate candidates with extensive professional experience:

Experience and Wisdom

An overqualified candidate can be a built-in trainer and mentor. 

With enhanced skills and experience level, this person could be more than what expected.  The candidate will likely welcome the opportunity to share knowledge with the team. It keeps everyone relevant and engaged and allows them to work better.

Even though the candidate is “underemployed”, this is an opportunity for quick growth.

Management and Supervision

This candidate will commit to higher-level work with a lower level of supervision. 

This individual is accustomed to doing much more with much less guidance.  The candidate can offer creative ways to encourage the same commitment out of the whole team.

A company will reap the benefits of higher output volume and
quality. They require less time from management to keep on track; this type of employee provides greater value at less cost to the organization.


Make sure parametres are defined. 

It is very important that there is honesty from the start in regards to the scope of responsibilities, rate of pay, and the opportunities for growth. 

If a candidate seems hesitant about any of these limits, be cautious. Ill-matched expectations and/or settling for something less, are early indicators of trouble. This will consistently lead to a negative situation for both the employer and the employee. 

If, on the other hand, there is enthusiasm about the opportunity presented. If there is a willingness to take on a new role in this hiring climate. This could set up a successful working relationship.

Complicated Candidate Commitment

Discuss the desire to stay long term. 

An honest discussion can save both time and frustration.  In a complicated candidate pool of over-overqualified applicants, many are look for something now. Meanwhile, the candidate is searching for a greater career.

If the situation is to “pay the bills” any better opportunity will have the new hire leaving quickly.

If there is a sense of value to the organization, consider having an open discussion about the relationship as a temporary contractor.

In many cases, agreeing to a contract position can prove mutually beneficial. This serves both the organization’s needs for high quality and affordable expertise; and the employee’s needs for the flexibility of a shorter commitment as the job market changes.

Recognition and Evaluation

Remember, as with any employee, it is important to recognize this person for the contributions made to the organization. 

If an employee is providing more value than expected or goes above and beyond, give recognition to that individual and openly share that thanks with the employee. 

Appreciation goes a long way in a working relationship.

Research the Candidate, and Weigh the Benefits

Background research helps to assess whether hiring a particular “overqualified” candidate will be a great value and opportunity.

If the risks outweigh the benefits, then continue looking. With a huge candidate pool this could be a lengthy process. However taking time, or partnering with a staffing agency, that load could become lighter.

With consistent success for more than 20 years, Staff Depot has maintained long term partnerships with some of the most respected companies in Ontario and beyond, supporting their success in a multitude of employment climates.  Staff Depots’ teams of Staffing Professionals are ready to help you create a staffing strategy that works for you.​ Staff Depot today!  

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