Streamline the hiring process and make business boom

Using a staffing agency will help streamline the hiring process and introduce innovative procedures.

Many will find themselves looking for additional staff. However, finding skilled talent can be a challenge for many local companies.

Whether you need employees for a rush order or your company is expanding, streamline the hiring process by partnering with a staffing agency. They will introduce you to a new world of management techniques, and alleviate the stress of paperwork.

Below are the 5 main ways a staffing company can streamline your hiring process.

A Staffing Agency has a Readily Available Talent Pool

Staffing companies recruit and connect with the area’s best talent so they can assist their clients at moment’s notice.

They are connected with job seekers of all skill sets and can connect you with qualified candidates that may otherwise be unavailable to you.

This way, a staffing agency becomes an extension of your network. To streaming the hiring process here, they represent hundreds if not thousands of potential employees and don’t have to start from scratch to find the right candidate.

They Streamline the Hiring Process by Pre-Screening Candidates

When you conduct your own hiring process, you may need to filter through over 100 resumes and applications.

A staffing company will screen the candidates first, and then present the top candidates based on your specifications. As stated above, the agency will streamline the hiring process by referring to their talent pool first; then if they have to go outside work with other agencies to quickly fill the role.

This reduces any time on the interviewing the wrong applicants, and gives you more time preparing for a new hire.

A Staffing Agency will E-Verify Candidates

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that every employee at your corporation is legally permitted to work in Canada. 

Staffing agencies will ensure all candidates are legally applicable, and work with their representatives who can verify education and more.

It’s up to the employer how they wish to handle international or new Canadian candidates. It’s important to give someone a chance, and a life as long as it’s within the law.

They Streamline the Hiring Process by offering Standard Training

To help streamline the hiring process, many staffing companies will offer basic training for your new employees.

For example, at Staff Depot, all of our applicants are trained on basic WHMIS safety and we provide additional safety training upon our clients’ request.

Training is one of the most costly, and lengthy parts of the hiring process. It’s an investment in the new employee, but also time away from productive growth.

A staffing agency will take that on, and from experience, have your new talent trained to standard before they even start their first day.

They Work through Payroll

Having to add a new employee to your payroll right away can hold you back from hiring the talent you need. Consider using a staffing company to make this process more manageable.

They allow you to bring on an employee under the staffing company’s payroll, so the employee has time to incorporate with the company.

This allows you to bring on the talent you need, without the risk.

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