Working with a tough boss, can make a tough job even worse.

Working with a tough boss can make the whole team suffer.

In a perfect world, you’d have a perfect boss. Working with a tough boss can be challenging; and it can effect a team’s performance to personal life. No matter how difficult a manager could be, it’s still top priority to get the job done well.

5 Tips to Manage Working with a Tough Boss.

Since you can’t control the type of boss you have as your professional leader, it’s a good thing that you can control how you react to your boss’ behavior and personality.

The way you react to your boss, regardless of how tough they might be, will make a difference in how successful you are at your job.

Here are five tips to working with a tough boss, and progress in your career.

1) Keep from Bias and Personal Feelings

If you have a tough boss, it can be easy to find each and every flaw they have, and hold it against them.
It’s important to let go of that tendency and be fair in your critique of your tough boss.

Is their behaviour or attitude truly “bad” or can you look beyond some flaws? Whatever the situation, you should try your hardest to give your boss a clean slate each day.

It will start each day on a positive note in addition to help you create a healthy relationship instead of build barriers.

2) Don’t let Working with a Tough Boss Lightly Affect You Negatively

No matter how unpleasant your boss may be, for whatever reason, you have a job to do.

You cannot let their behaviour affect your work. If it is a serious issue GO TO HR. If the issue goes beyond a grumpy attitude, you must trust the right representative and tell them right away.

Whether you need to vent to an out-of-the-office friend, or listen to motivational talks during lunch, you must stay focused and motivated to get your work done well and on time.

Avoiding the manager, speaking negatively of them, or taking longer on projects to be spiteful, will backfire and is of course, unprofessional. And rude.

3) Learn Who your Boss Is.

As you get to know your manager, you will begin to learn what they expect from you before they tell you.

Instead of waiting for every direction, anticipate the needs and wants of your boss. This can help you avoid listening to extra directions and also may help please your boss, taking some tension out of the situation.

Working with a tough boss means mediating their needs, and the needs of others. This is also an opportunity to prove your leadership skills in the workplace.

4) Identify Triggers – Then Mediate Them

The more receptive you are to what makes your boss frustrated, the more you can do to make the day go smoother.

When you identify the things, events, or situations, that create added stress for your boss, you should do your best to avoid those triggers.

Whenever possible, do your best set the day up for smooth success. Ask how your boss is, or inquire as to what’s frustrating them. This is a great opportunity to learn more about who they are, and find solutions to problems you may not know exist.

5) Use the Opportunity to Be a Leader

If you feel like you’re lacking a leader to learn from, take initiative to learn leadership best practices.

Communicate clearly, look for opportunity, be strategic in your thinking and actions. What doesn’t work is hurting the team. Be the individual who can connect the team and navigate working with a tough boss, together.

You’ll learn a lot from diving into the action and you’ll probably excel in your career from the added opportunity to learn more each day.

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