Hiring during rapid growth can be a challenge.

Rapid growth definitely means change. But it shouldn’t be a challenge to hiring effectively.

Rapid growth in your company will always be a challenge.

Having to quickly hire additional workers can lead to not being fully prepared in other areas of operation. In the many growing pains you face during this period of change, it’s important that you can embrace it with a positive outlook.

After all, more learning and progress is made through action, not planning.

How to Staff Your Company During Rapid Growth

Not everything can be planned and thought of in advance. Especially during a growth spurt. There are a few things you can do ahead of time and effectively integrate new workers to the team.

Strategy #1: Collaborate with Top Performers in a Rapid Growth stage

As you prepare for growth, take a look at your current employees and assess their strengths.

Make sure to delegate extra tasks or responsibilities to the most confident team members. It will give you the extra time you need to find additional workers to accommodate the increase in your workload.

Strategy #2: Keep a Pool of Potential Workers

It’s helpful to keep a pool of potential workers ready to jump in when you need them during rapid growth.

Retaining a list of applicants from 1-, 3- or 6- months ago will give you an edge in staffing when a boom hits. Remember to maintain conversation with these applicants at least once a month to stay aware of their situation.

Partnering with a staffing company is a great way to have on-demand access to qualified employees for whenever you might need the extra help.

Strategy #3: Make Team Retention a Top Priority during Rapid Growth

When you have a stage of rapid growth, you want to keep those great team members happy.

During your growth period always stay in the loop with your current employees, ensuring they feel valued, appreciated, challenged, and enthusiastic about their work and the company’s future.

Read How to Keep Your Best Team Members for great tips on how to avoid losing your best team.

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