Temporary Workers and How to be Effective!

It may seem straight-forward that temporary workers help a company on an as-needed basis. There are ways that a company can utilize a temporary workforce more effectively.

Companies hire temporary workers for a variety of reasons. Working with temporary staff effectively means having a solid process.

And an even better support for your full-time team.

3 Ways to Manage Temporary Workers More Effectively

By following this advice, employers can expect fewer misunderstandings, less headaches, and a more productive workforce. Temporary workers want to feel confident in the placement they’re working at.

1) Provide Staffing Agency with Job Descriptions

Some companies simply give a staffing agency the number of workers they need and a timeline. An employer can expect much better results if a staffing agency is given a detailed job description.

The staffing agency can find a qualified match to fit the exact needs with a good job description.

The description should things like education or training requirements, skills needed, or anything else specific to the company or project needs.

When the employer can clearly define the role, so can the staffing agency. It will help find the right hires in a shorter time frame.

2) Give Great Training to All Temporary Workers

Companies make the mistake of neglecting to train temporary workers. The result is a workforce that underperforms and under delivers.

Employers can work with their staffing agency to make sure that temporary workers are well trained for the jobs and tasks.

In Ontario, certifications like WHMIS or Food Safety can be completed through the staffing agency.

This means less time and hassle for on-boarding.

3) Communicate a Clear Schedule to Agency & Temporary Workers

An employer should provide the staffing agency with a clear schedule for their day-to-day work.

A schedule and a timeline for their contract will help find the best candidates to meet expectations.

A staffing agency needs to understand project timelines to quickly find the ideal candidate. The best candidate will understand what is expected of them through the staffing agency.

In any initial meeting, the employer has to know these facts. To be effective with a staffing agency means being honest in what needs have to be met.

Partner with Staff Depot and get the right hires for the right job. We will help new team members onboard and get working right away for your company and your success.

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