Ever feel like your day just flies by? Reading resumes, posting jobs, interviewing candidates; the 9 – 5 can move quickly for recruiters. While fast days can be a good thing, it can sometimes leave you feeling stressed or worse, overwhelmed.

Rescue your time with these tips for recruiters.

It’s not impossible to balance daily recruiting responsibilities and maximize your time while finding the best talent.

Try these four tips to reclaim your time and focus on your most mission-critical tasks:

1. Avoid last-minute meetings.

The ‘pop in’ is a notorious time waster in every office.
For recruiters, it can prove costly.

One or two minutes here and there may not seem like a big deal. It’s when you have three, four or even five people ‘pop’ by your office for a few minutes every day, it quickly turns into hours wasted.

You lose time speaking with colleagues, and you lose time and focus on the tasks at hand. You have to break away from what you’re doing then get yourself back on task. Often times, this time doubles (or even triples) those ‘few minutes’ you were going to lose!

When you are heads down on mission-critical work, let your coworkers know that you’ll be unavailable. If you have a ‘chat’ or ‘email’ program that allows you to set your status, be sure to set your status to ‘busy’ or ‘unavailable’. This will let them know when you’re working on your most important tasks.

Then, be sure to stick to your guns. If a ‘pop-in’ stops by, smile and politely let your colleague know that you’re unavailable. Give them an alternative ‘pop-in’ time and you’re happy to help. Ask if it’s something that can be handled via email, and request they send you a text with the Q. It’s never rude to set some boundaries!

2. Turn off email notifications.

Some issues may be better sent to email, the most productive recruiters manage email effectively.

Many recruiters receive constant email notifications, dealing with emails as they come in throughout the day in order to prevent a backlogged inbox. This may seem like a good idea, however constantly checking your email means that you’re not actually being productive.

Instead of being constantly on call for email, set certain times throughout the day to check and handle your messages. This way, you can stay focused on tasks as they land in front of you. You can avoid distractions provided by emails throughout the 9 to 5. (Hint: This also works well for voicemail messages, text, Whatsapp and more).

3. Set a targets for your day.

Take a few minutes at the end of each work day to outline your goals for the following day. Pop-up meetings, client calls and last-minute interviews will always come up; having an idea of your must-dos and schedule ahead of time can allow you to prioritize.

Prioritizing your time effectively will make handling interruptions or disruptions to your day easy. We all can get frustrated when a schedule goes wrong. It’s a recruiters job to know which client is the most important, and get the job done well.

4. Partner with a staffing firm.

One of the best ways to limit time wasters is to partner with a staffing firm like Staff Depot.

We take on the most time-intensive tasks of recruiting and find you with the most qualified candidates for your team. This frees you to focus your interviews with top tier candidates, who are ready to step in and make an immediate impact.

Instead of sifting through thousands of resumes, you’ll only see the most highly qualified. Whether you need help vetting candidates at the onset or would like someone to take on a bulk of the process, your staffing partner can help eliminate unnecessary steps and burden on your organization.

We can help your organization better maximize its talent investment. Our network of talent includes top professionals in a range of disciplines across Ontario. Contact your nearest Staff Depot Site office to learn more about how we can help your organization.

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