Job seeking is a stressful adventure for many people. Going on interviews may be the most stressful part of the journey. The interview a small preview for you to see the company; you have to be your best self, confidently answer difficult questions, and make a great first impression.

Yep, interviewing can make everyone a little anxious.

Overcoming interview anxiety is hard to do because we don’t attend interviews on a regular basis. A great way to get more comfortable and confident for an upcoming interview, is to practice!

A Practice Interview That’s Worth Your Time

You may laugh at the idea of a practice interview because it’s a bit awkward. In reality, a practice interview is the perfect opportunity to hone in on your interview skills. Choose a friend who will be honest in their feedback and seriously interested in helping you land the job.

Focus on These 4 Things During Your Practice Interview

Once you’ve chosen who you’ll practice your interview with, follow these suggestions to make the most of out this exercise.

1. Reflect on Areas for Improvement

Before you even begin your practice interview, write out the parts of an interview that make you the most anxious, or stressed.

  • Do the behavioural questions make you uncomfortable?
  • Does talking about certain previous employment positions worry you?
  • Do you have a hard time talking about your weaknesses honestly?

These are all examples of areas that can make an interview stressful. To overcome your stressors, have a discussion with your friend about it. Have your friend ask questions relating to those area, and work on a good response.

Write the response down. Memorize it. Practice it.

If you take time to reflect on what makes you anxious, your practice interview will be more productive.

2. Make a List of Practice Questions

Put together a list of practice interview questions for your partner. You can also contact the company ahead of time, and request questions they ask.

Invite your partner to add a few questions to catch you off guard. Be sure to include a variety of questions – from basic to the ones that cause you greater anxiety.

If you feel like you didn’t do a question well, do it again. You can try writing responses first and reciting the answers. The more you recite what you wrote, the more confident you will feel about the answer.

3. Decide How to Conduct Your Practice Interview

Since you can encounter a variety of interview styles,ask your practice partner to conduct the interview in the same way as the actual interview.

Will you have a face-to-face interview, or one via Skype, or a phone interview?

None of these interviews will feel the same. Be sure to practice using the venue or medium that will be used so you know how you will look.

4. Welcome the Feedback

One of the main benefits of a practice interview is for the chance to improve with constructive feedback.

Since you’ve chosen an honest and trustworthy friend to practice with, welcome the feedback sincerely.

Your practice partner is only trying to help!

Take their feedback and reassess your approach. Practice again and have your partner talk about your improvement.

Their input could help you get your next job!

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