How to Onboard Your New Hires Effectively

The details of on-boarding new employees looks different for every company. An effective process will make the new hire feel welcome, productive, and motivated to do great work.

When it comes to ensuring that new hires are going to be a great fit to your company, the on-boarding process plays a HUGE role. Follow this guide to onboard your new hire. They will do their best work for you, and you can build a company success.

1) Make Them Feel Welcome

One of the simplest ways to make a new hire feel welcome is on the first day. Make sure your seasoned employees know when the new hire will be starting. Make time for them to first have a group activity, then meet with their department. Throughout the first week, the new hire should be involved in meetings to help engage them in projects. This will help them get excited to collaborate on the overall success of the company.

2) Team Your New Hire with a Mentor

Training and learning the company is vital to effective on-boarding. Mentors are an invaluable addition when you want help. The new hire will integrate into your company and the culture when they have that guide.

Mentors provide guidance that goes beyond your basic on-boarding. Pair your new hire with a seasoned employee who will be working in a similar department. Even pair them with someone who has a similar personality, or set of interests.

3) Encourage Collaboration

A new employee has a lot to learn within their first week. As a leader, you should encourage that they be involved in collaboration whenever possible.

Early collaboration leads to more productive meetings, and greater company success.

Ask the new hire to give you feedback on their on-boarding experience. Encourage honesty, and appeal to their opportunities for growth. The best way to create success in business, is to listen and learn from the new hires.

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