When we’re growing our business, the pressure to reduce costs and maximize profits is very real. Absolutely there are many opportunities to trim costs in business, recruiting is often one that receives the worst judgement from leadership.

Here’s the good news:
You can reduce your recruiting costs and still attract top talent!

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to reduce your hiring costs. You just have to focus on making the right changes.

Here are three steps smart organizations take to improve their recruiting efforts and reduce recruiting costs.

1. Write better job descriptions.

Job descriptions that are badly written, unclear or lack details can result in too many unqualified resumes. Sifting through those resumes can take hours of manpower, and can end up overlooking the best fit for the job.

When writing a job description be honest. Talk about daily duties, a bit about the company culture, and include monetary benefits. Take a look at an earlier checklist, Effective Job Descriptions to help define what a good description can be.

2. Build a strong referral program.

One of the best places to find great talent is by talking to the great talent you already know – your employees!

Promoting a strong employee referral program can help reduce the time and dollar investment needed to recruit for some key positions.

Successful referral programs don’t require massive payouts. Start with a few hundred dollars for new hires after their first 90 days of service.

As a bonus, having an employee referral program can help you assess your company culture. Consistent, strong referrals often mean a strong, positive culture. Poor referrals (or none at all) can signify the opposite.

3. Partner with a staffing firm.

The easiest way to immediately reduce your recruiting costs is to partner with a staffing firm. From writing and posting job descriptions, to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, the right recruiting partner can mean a leaner spend and better hires.

Partnering with a staffing firm frees your staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks. A business is more likely to make better, stronger hires that result in higher retention rates when working with a staffing firm. Your team is more likely to be happier because they have great support and your hires will be a better fit when a staffing firm can focus on the one thing you need – great team members.

Staff Depot has been partnering with top organizations across Ontario for more than 20 years. We are at the forefront of the recruiting industry and we can help you reduce your recruiting costs while gaining access to an exceptional network of top talent. Contact your nearest Staff Depot office to learn more about our Staff Depot Site and how we can help you reduce recruiting costs. 

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