Part 2 of our WHAT NOT TO SAY series focusing on passive candidates and LinkedIn etiquette.

For recruiters, passive candidates are the top choice when hiring. They have a proven track record and are already employed with great companies. These candidates are the type of team members who want to work hard and further their career.

Recruiting passive candidates can be hard. Since they are employed already, you have to be clever and convincing as a recruiter.

Often, recruiters become too desperate. They don’t think about how the candidate perceives their messages, or constant messaging. As a recruiter you want top talent. That top talent will only give you time if you give them value for it, not spam.

Work harder on referrals.

It’s critical to value your current candidates and employees. Putting your effort into new, passive candidates is important, but becomes easier when employees want to refer a friend.

Fostering an environment where employees want to refer more people to you, is key to building a good employer brand. Recruiting and HR should be working together to build a strong culture that increases retention rates and supports an environment where your employees want to refer their friends and former colleagues.

According to research from LinkedIn, referred employees have longer tenure and higher performance. In addition to maximizing your recruiting efforts, getting more referrals just makes better business sense.

Go beyond social media.

LinkedIn is a great tool for communicating with candidates, but it’s just one option.

It’s important to also go where passive candidates in your target industries spend time. Professional organizations, associations, college career centres and niche websites/forums are a good place to start.

Build relationships by providing value. This means not instantly recruiting or trying to sell candidates on your organization.

Not only are your outreach efforts more likely to be successful, passive candidates may start reaching out to you directly to look for new opportunities!

Change your approach.

Your messages and communication should be quick and to the point. Once you’ve gained the interest of passive candidates, don’t put them through your standard interview/hiring process.

Instead, brainstorm questions that could help uncover hidden problems within their current jobs that your role could somehow solve. 

Keep it simple for passive candidates throughout the process. Avoid putting them through tough scenarios with a long online application or interview process.

If you’ve identified passive candidates who are an ideal fit for your organization, make it easy for them to make the switch. Offer interview times outside normal business hours or accept an emailed resume instead of a long application. Do everything you can to simplify the process and make your organization an appealing choice.

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