In today’s competitive landscape, you should look for every opportunity to stand out. Have you devoted time to honing your career skills to stay ahead of the competition? 

Believe it or not, your hobbies and interests can help you boost your career. Hobbies can increase your chances of standing out with recruiters. They also can help you keep current and practised outside of a day job.

In fact, these 5 hobbies can make a major impact:

1. Indulging your creative side. 

Are you always creating logos or other images?
Have a meme Instagram gaining traction?

Your creative endeavours can help you build important skills. Even if the specific platform you’re using doesn’t relate directly to a job, the ability to quickly learn new software is extremely marketable to employers.

Providing examples of growth in an account is great for proving dedication. Imagine if you took your skills to a national brand?

2. Volunteering

Giving back to the community is great for your neighborhood and can even be good for your health!

It also offers benefits to your career.

Many non-profit organizations lack funding to hire full-time staff. They depend on volunteers for things like donor solicitation, administrative tasks and other mission-critical responsibilities. These types of tasks can provide excellent opportunities for you to learn new computer skills, grant writing skills and more learning hands-on experience with real results.

If you volunteer with a cause, it can also show compassion to an employer. Dedication and long-term strategies for growth are important in social causes, and in business.

3.Leading a Networking Group has become an excellent resource for clubs, professional networking groups and more to connect and unite over shared passions and interests.

When you start a new event on a site like Eventbrite, you are not only nurturing your passion, you are demonstrating and building strong leadership skills.

Promoting your group and expanding its reach will help you develop strong marketing skills. And when you present at your events, you’ll exercise important presentation and speaking skills that can help you in a range of industries and roles.

Employers like candidates who know about good networking. They are people who constantly seek out new opportunities. They are individuals who are socialized and normally, well-liked.

4. Reading. 

One of the first hobbies many of us develop is also one of the most beneficial.

Reading any book helps improve communication skills.

Focusing on business or personal development books can also give you some important leverage in job interviews. Constantly expanding your knowledge shows you can personally develop and have an initiative of growth.

Many recruiters like to make small talk – this is partially to put you at ease, and it’s also often an assessment tool.

Rather than talking about the latest TV shows you watched, talk about the latest or important book you read. That is MUCH more likely to get the attention of your recruiter and increase your chances of landing the job.

5. Mental or Physical Therapy. 

Physical therapy like Yoga can help you avoid muscle injuries and stay flexible. But did you know its effects can also help you at work?

Focused breathing and mindfulness associated with yoga can help you handle the daily stresses that happen at work. Likewise, counselling and mindfulness therapy can help you relax. It can also help you find a better balance between emotions and decision making.

Most employers today are looking for a strong cultural fit for collaboration. Employees who can keep their cool during stressful moments are highly desirable for employers. The next time an interviewer asks you about a time where you faced a difficult situation at work, mentioning your mindfulness course or exercise and the benefits it affords, can prove to interviewers that you take your career seriously, inside and outside the office.

We all need a little downtime to discover where we need to go…

Today’s employers are looking for well-rounded individuals. Embrace your hobbies and their ability to impact your career! Here at Staff Depot, we help professionals across Ontario match their skills and goals to job opportunities with some of the area’s top employers. Search our current job openings or contact your nearest​ Staff Depot office today office to learn more. 

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